How it Works

Kofax Express

Kofax Express is simple and intuitive to use with a similar look and feel to Mircosoft Office. The application provides Virtual Rescan (VRS) to deliver the highest quality image that includes features to rotate, clean and crop the image. Zonal OCR and Bar Code reading capabilities are available to support automated indexing or indexes can be entered manually. If you are already a Kofax Express user then you need only install the Archive Any Scan Export Connector to attach documents to SAP™ documents. 

Scan or Import

The solution can either scan paper documents or import documents that have been scanned on other multi-function devices for indexing and archiving to SAP™. So if you don't have a scanner connected to your PC you can import images created on your photocopier or network scanner. 

Export Connector for SAP™

SAP™ Certified ArchiveLink functionality is used to store and link the documents to SAP™ data. Scan, index and link documents for retrieval via the Object Services toolbar in your favourite transactions. 

Works with Any SAP™ Archive

Archive Any will work with any SAP™ Archive connected to your SAP™ system. If you do not have a SAP™ archive then you can install SAP™ Content Server with the help from our instructions within 30 minutes. Scan works with all releases of SAP™ from 4.6c and upwards.  

Automated Indexing

If your document has the indexes in a fixed location or the index is contained in a bar code then the completion of the indexing routine can be done automatically. Using the Zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition) functionality the index can be interpreted from the document or bar code reader can decode the index automatically. 

Searchable PDF

The PDF that is created for storage in the SAP™ Archive includes the text from the document to enable users to search for information in the PDF document. 

Enable Processes from Scanning

The implementation of Archive Any allows you to start processes from archiving of a scanned image by document type. Early and Late Archiving using standard SAP™ workflow can using customisable function modules that allow customer designed processes to be enabled. 

Simple to Install

Archive Any can be installed and operational within an hour. Detailed guides for the installation are available with templates for the popular document types to get you started immediately. We also provide onsite training and installation services if required.

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